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Whether you want to purchase Potassium Iodate and have it shipped to any location within Nigeria or any port around the world, our world-class team is built to help you close fast, safe, and profitable Potassium Iodate purchase transactions on time, every time!

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What is Potassium Iodate ?

Potassium iodate is a chemical compound with the formula KIO3. It is a white crystalline powder that is highly soluble in water. Potassium iodate is a source of iodine, an essential micronutrient that is important for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

Here are some key points about potassium iodate:

1). Iodine Supplementation: Potassium iodate is used as a dietary supplement to prevent iodine deficiency, a condition that can lead to thyroid disorders and goiter. It is used in areas where the natural iodine content in the soil and diet is insufficient to meet the body's requirements.

2). Fortification of Salt: Potassium iodate is commonly used to fortify table salt with iodine. Iodized salt is an effective and cost-efficient method of delivering iodine to populations, as salt is widely consumed in many countries. Iodine fortification helps ensure adequate iodine intake and prevent iodine deficiency disorders.

3). Radioprotective Agent: Potassium iodate has properties that make it useful as a radioprotective agent. It can be used to protect against the harmful effects of radiation exposure, particularly radioactive iodine. In case of nuclear accidents or radiation emergencies, potassium iodate may be administered to individuals at risk to help prevent the absorption of radioactive iodine by the thyroid gland.

4). Laboratory and Analytical Applications: Potassium iodate is used in laboratories and analytical procedures as a standard reagent for iodometric titrations. It is used for the quantitative determination of various substances, including reducing agents and other compounds that can be oxidized by iodine.

It's important to note that potassium iodate should be used under the guidance of healthcare professionals or according to recommended dosages and regulations. Excessive intake of iodine can also have adverse health effects, so it's essential to follow appropriate guidelines for iodine supplementation.  
Our trade process spreads across CIF, FOB, TTO, and TTT, depending on the buyer's preference.

Here's what they entail:

1). Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF): Here, the seller will handle everything from loading the vessel, paying for insurance, and sending the product to wherever the buyer wants it delivered.

2). Freight On Board (FOB): Here, the seller pays for the transportation of the goods to the port of shipment, plus loading costs, while the buyer pays the cost of marine freight transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation from the originating port to the final destination.

3). Tanker Take Over (TTO): Here, the buyer will take over the vessel, offload the product at their destination, and return it.

4). Tanker To Tanker (TTT): Here, the buyer uses their own vessel, long sides with the seller's vessel, and then the cargo is transshipped when the transaction is fully settled.

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