Due Diligence Checks Of Commodity Traders In Nigeria

We carry out in-depth due diligence checks of organisations in Nigeria for international buyers.
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Our Service To You

“We carry out in-depth due diligence checks and exercises in Nigeria for international buyers in many countries around the world.” 
If you want to verify how genuine an exporter or commodity trading firm is in Nigeria, our world-class team is built to help you carry out an in-depth due diligence exercise on the company on time, every time!

Our Due Diligence & Proper Verification Service Spans Through:

1).   Verification of Company Registration
2).   Verification of Export Licence
3).   Verification of Export Activity
4).   Verification of Past Certificates of Origin
5).   Verification of Past & Present Bill of Ladings
6).   Verification of International Passport / Driver's Licence of The Exporter
7).   Verification of Bank Verification Number (BVN)
8).   Verification of Tax Documents
9).   Verification of Financial Health of The Company
10). Verification of Mining Licence
11).  Physical Verification of Office Address With Pictures & Videos
12).  Physical Verification of Mining Site With Pictures & Videos
13).  Full List of Registered Company Directors

About The Services

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  • Why Carry Out A Due Diligence Check?
Why Carry Out A Due Diligence Check?

In many industries, due diligence checks are extremely important, and one is the commodity trading business. Since many individuals flaunt themselves as representing a certain organisation or as having carried out certain activities with relation to their business, it is key that importers or international buyers looking to buy commodities from these exporters must have all the information they need about the exporters to the sure they are genuine and have the ability to perform.

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