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“We produce and supply Ferric Chloride to buyers in Nigeria and around the world.” 
Whether you want to purchase Ferric Chloride and have it shipped to any location within Nigeria or any port around the world, our world-class team is built to help you close fast, safe, and profitable Ferric Chloride purchase transactions on time, every time!

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What is Ferric Chloride?

Ferric chloride, also known as iron(III) chloride, is a chemical compound composed of iron and chlorine. It is a brownish-red, crystalline solid that is highly soluble in water. Ferric chloride is derived from the reaction between iron and chlorine gas or by dissolving iron in hydrochloric acid.

Ferric chloride is commonly used in various industries and applications due to its properties and reactivity. Here are some key uses of ferric chloride:

1). Water Treatment: Ferric chloride is widely used in water and wastewater treatment processes. It acts as a coagulant, helping to remove impurities, suspended particles, and organic matter from water. It can effectively precipitate and remove contaminants like heavy metals, phosphates, and certain organic compounds.

2). Etching and PCB Manufacturing: Ferric chloride is commonly used as an etching agent in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). It selectively removes copper from the PCB surface during the etching process, leaving behind the desired circuit pattern.

3). Metal Surface Treatment: Ferric chloride is utilized for surface treatment and finishing of metals. It can be used for pickling, descaling, and cleaning metal surfaces, as well as for creating decorative effects through etching or patination.

4). Pigment and Dye Production: Ferric chloride is used as a mordant in the production of pigments and dyes. It helps fix the color to fabrics, paper, and other materials, improving their resistance to fading and washing.

5). Chemical Synthesis: Ferric chloride serves as a catalyst or reagent in various chemical reactions and organic synthesis processes. It is involved in the production of pharmaceuticals, dyes, perfumes, and other specialty chemicals.

6). Laboratory and Analytical Applications: Ferric chloride is employed in laboratories for various purposes, including as a chemical reagent, indicator, and stain. It is used in testing for the presence of phenols, detecting the presence of water, and as a colorimetric indicator in analytical procedures.

It's important to handle ferric chloride with care, as it is corrosive and can cause skin and eye irritation. Proper safety precautions and handling procedures should be followed when working with ferric chloride.
Our trade process spreads across CIF, FOB, TTO, and TTT, depending on the buyer's preference.

Here's what they entail:

1). Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF): Here, the seller will handle everything from loading the vessel, paying for insurance, and sending the product to wherever the buyer wants it delivered.

2). Freight On Board (FOB): Here, the seller pays for the transportation of the goods to the port of shipment, plus loading costs, while the buyer pays the cost of marine freight transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation from the originating port to the final destination.

3). Tanker Take Over (TTO): Here, the buyer will take over the vessel, offload the product at their destination, and return it.

4). Tanker To Tanker (TTT): Here, the buyer uses their own vessel, long sides with the seller's vessel, and then the cargo is transshipped when the transaction is fully settled.

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