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We offer the best import export consultancy service in Nigeria. We are world-class international trade consultants & experts.
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With our vast experience in the international trade business, we offer the best export consulting service in Nigeria that will set you and any other organisation for success from the start to finish of any and every export transaction.” 
We provide the most in-depth and comprehensive import-export consulting service that is structured in world-class standards to guide the Importers and Exporters in Nigeria and help them navigate the challenges faced by most new and existing exporters in the export business.

Some of our world-class export consulting services in Nigeria are:
1). Online & offline export business training & workshop
2). One-time limited comprehensive independent advisory
3). Feasibility study & Report preparation
4). Commodity procurement source location discovery
5). Commodity supplier selection
6). International contract negotiation
7). Understanding & selecting favorable shipping terms, carrier and route selection
8). Customs clearance & forwarding
9). Warehousing and distribution
10). Import-Export documentation
11). Licencing
12). World-class import-export record keeping system
13). Commodities procurement on behalf of exporters from any part of Nigeria
14). International buyer leads
15). Due Diligence service on behalf of exporters on local suppliers, sourcing points, and International Buyers within some specific regions of the world
16). Payment Security & export process consultancy/advise ensuring exporter gets paid, introduction to the shipping agent, getting a source of products, and more.
17). One on one export process guide which would involve export advisory, a physical trip to the product sourcing point, education on the inland logistics process, a recommendation of world-class quality inspection bodies, selection of the shipping line, introduction to the shipping agent, implementation of the right type of insurance, monitoring export process, review of Letter of Credit Verbiage (99.95% of all exporters get this wrong and end up not easily getting paid), and advising/assisting exporters on best practices to ensure they get paid 
18). Highly accurate excel sheet calculation for determining "the real/actual revenue and profits" that would come out of a transaction (99% of exporters get the exact calculations wrong all the time and always wonder what went wrong)
19). World-class International Business Branding Service
20). World-Class Website Development (e.g
21). Audio-visual animation/advert video that greatly describes the business for local and international buyers (e.g
22). World Class Graphic corporate profile (e.g

About The Services

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  • About The Top Export Consulting Service In Nigeria
Why Consult The Top Export Business Consultants In Nigeria?

We work one on one with our export business clients which could range from new & existing exporters, private organisations or banks & other financial institutions that need our experience, expertise, and guidance in understanding everything involved in the import export business process ranging from understanding letter of credits to securing payments, understanding quality & packaging standards, door to door delivery services, courier services, customs clearance & forwarding serives, logistics & transportation services, warehousing services, vessel catering & shipping line selection, and the entire supply chain management process involved in the export business in Nigeria.

With our vast experience in the international trade business, we offer the best export consulting service in Nigeria that will set you and any other organisation up for success from the start to finish of any and every export transaction you set out to execute.

We're not just the best export consultants in Nigeria, but are actively trading & exporting agricultural products and solid minerals from Nigeria to international buyers located all around the world through our export business Globexia Limited.

With the efficiency, experience, and expertise delivered through our export consulting service in Nigeria, we will give your firm the best chance to succeed in the industry and will guide you on everything involved in the entire export business supply chain process to help you secure export payment proceeds, avoid delays, and compete on a high level in the international market.

Whether you're a bank, financial institution, or private organisation, our export consulting service will give your staffs an in-depth understanding of the export business in Nigeria, and will help them make better-informed decisions when assessing or trying to execute any export-related transaction in Nigeria.

Through our export consultancy service, we will work closely with your organization, will provide answers to your most pressing questions, and will provide you with the tools and solutions to solve almost any challenge you face at any stage of the export business supply chain process in Nigeria.

Deciding to work with our professional export business consultants in Nigeria is a conscious decision to succeed.

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